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Tai and Tetes' in Muri Tai and Tetes'
Muri - South East 2 6 people $1750.00 (2 - 5 people)
Muri Central exterior Muri Central
Muri - South East 5 10 people $2450.00 (4 people)
MM Studios <br>(2 available) MM Studios
(2 available)
Vaimaanga - South 0 (Studio) 2 per studio $560.00
Aroanui <br>(3 available)Aroanui
(3 available)
Arorangi - West24 per home$595.00
Cook Islands SunCook Islands SunArorangi - West12$665.00
Rona KaitangataRona KaitangataMuri - South East13$620.00
Are MeikaAre MeikaMuri - South East24$630.00
Nikao Cottages <br>(3 available)Nikao Cottages
(3 available)
Nikao - North36 per home$700.00
Yala'sYala'sTupapa - East36$840.00
Kia Orana Beach Bungalows <br>(4 available)Kia Orana Beach Bungalows
(4 available)
Arorangi - West12 per studio$750.00
Kia Manuia CottageKia Manuia CottageTitikaveka - South24$805.00
MM BatchMM BatchVaimaanga - South25$805.00
Aroa BungalowAroa BungalowAroa - West 0 (Studio)2$840.00
Moana Sunset Bungalows <br>(2 available)Moana Sunset Bungalows
(2 available)
Arorangi - West12 per studio$910.00
Tutevera's ArmsTutevera's ArmsArorangi - West 0 (Studio)2$840.00
Tanias Island Getaway <br>(2 available)Tanias Island Getaway
(2 available)
Matavera - East24 per home$840.00
Muri Lagoon View Bungalows <br>(4 available)Muri Lagoon View Bungalows
(4 available)
Muri - South East 0 (Studio)2$840.00
OraniOraniTikioki - South24$910.00
Papa Mauris PlacePapa Mauris PlaceVaimaanga - South24$990.00
Nikao Beach Bungalows <br>(2 available)Nikao Beach Bungalows
(2 available)
Nikao - North 0 (Studio)2 per studio$945.00
Lyas Bungalows <br>(2 available)Lyas Bungalows
(2 available)
Titikaveka - South 0 (Studio)2 per studio$945.00
Napas Beach Bungalows <br>(3 available)Napas Beach Bungalows
(3 available)
Arorangi - West 0 (Studio)2 per studio$1540.00
Aromas <br>(2 available)Aromas
(2 available)
Arorangi - West12 per bungalow$1155.00
Island HarmonyIsland HarmonyArorangi - West 0 (Studio)2 - 5$1120.00
Aito <br>(2 available)Aito
(2 available)
Muri - South East13$1050.00
Kite MoanaKite MoanaMuri - South East24$1050.00
KuririKuririMuri - South East12$1050.00
MarinoMarinoNikao - North24$1050.00
Paere HousePaere HouseTikioki - South24$1050.00
Titikaveka Hillside RetreatTitikaveka Hillside RetreatTitikaveka - South12$910.00
Muri Heights VillaMuri Heights VillaMuri - South East24$1145.00
Muri ViewMuri ViewMuri - South East24$1150.00
Arorangi RetreatArorangi RetreatArorangi - West36$1155.00
Nikao BeachHouseNikao BeachHouseNikao - North24$1155.00
AkirataAkirataTikioki - South36$1190.00
Lyas Holiday HomeLyas Holiday HomeTikioki - South25$1190.00
Mac's ShackMac's ShackTikioki - South25$1190.00
Rukuruku HavenRukuruku HavenTikioki - South36$1190.00
Muri Beach HouseMuri Beach HouseMuri - South East36$1225.00
Muri PalmsMuri PalmsMuri - South East24$1260.00
Raro Island Villas <br>(2 available)Raro Island Villas
(2 available)
Vaimaanga - South24 per home$1260.00
Temara SunriseTemara SunriseMuri - South East36$1310.00
Reihana'sReihana'sMuri - South East 0 (Studio)2$1330.00
ToreaToreaMuri - South East13$1330.00
Beach HavenBeach HavenRutaki - South12$1330.00
Muri Lagoon VillaMuri Lagoon VillaMuri - South East12$1365.00
Matavera CottageMatavera CottageMatavera - East12$1400.00
Mii's Beach HouseMii's Beach HouseTitikaveka - South36$1400.00
Teiao BeachfrontTeiao BeachfrontArorangi - West16 $1645.00
Muri Beach HavenMuri Beach HavenMuri - South East48$1540.00
ArapatiArapatiVaimaanga - South24$1540.00
Vaka <br>(2 available)Vaka
(2 available)
Vaimaanga - South 0 (Studio)2$1260.00
Nana'sNana'sTitikaveka - South24$1550.00
Moanas Tropical HideawayMoanas Tropical HideawayAvana - South East48$1750.00
Tehoras HomesteadTehoras HomesteadAvana - South East48$2100.00
Are HineAre HineMuri - South East24$1750.00
MaevaMaevaTitikaveka - South36$1890.00
Villa RarotongaVilla RarotongaNikao - North24$1820.00
Makayla Palms Studio Makayla Palms Studio Titikaveka - South 0 (Studio)2$1925.00
Areora Beachfront EscapeAreora Beachfront EscapeTitikaveka - South24$1960.00
Kathy'sKathy'sVaimaanga - South36$1960.00
Sunset Beach Villas <br>(2 available)Sunset Beach Villas
(2 available)
Arorangi - West12 per home$2023.00
Ocean View VillaOcean View VillaTitikaveka - South412$2240.00+
Paias Holiday HomePaias Holiday HomeTitikaveka - South412$2240.00+
Whitesands Villa <br>(3 available)Whitesands Villa
(3 available)
Titikaveka - South25$2065.00
Matavera VillaMatavera VillaMatavera - East24$2100.00
Tangaroa's CoveTangaroa's CoveMuri - South East24$2450.00
MoananuiMoananuiMuri - South East36$2590.00
Islander On The BeachIslander On The BeachVaimaanga - South23$2730.00
Muri LodgeMuri LodgeMuri - South East48$3500.00
Makayla PalmsMakayla PalmsTitikaveka - South24$2870.00
Main IslanderMain IslanderVaimaanga - South24$2940.00
HeritageHeritageArorangi - West36$3150.00
Matahere's<br> (Both Floors Available)Matahere's
(Both Floors Available)
Muri - South East 4 to 812 per floor $3150.00
Raro Beach BachRaro Beach BachKavera - South312$3500.00
10 Green Bottles10 Green BottlesMatavera - East48$3500.00
Muri Garden LodgeMuri Garden LodgeMuri - South East412$4200.00
Paradise Holdiday Homes <br>(4 available)Paradise Holdiday Homes
(4 available)
Titikaveka - South48 per home$3500.00
Ra MuraRa MuraArorangi - West38$3605.00
Kaireva Beach HouseKaireva Beach HouseAvana - South East24$4130.00
Villa MariaVilla MariaMuri - South East36$3850.00
Pacific PalmsPacific PalmsVaimaanga - South36$6965.00